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Why create a Rent-to-Earn calculator?

We’ve all heard about it and by now, we’ve all felt it in our pockets. The cost of living crisis has taken a real bite out of people’s disposable incomes.

At Stashbee, we’re on a mission to help people put unused space to good use. But we thought, why not help people put any unused item to good use?

So we gathered data on 30 amazing sharing economy websites that allow you to turn stuff you already own into cash. From that disco ball you got for your 40th birthday to your little loved power drill, your loft, or even your car - you could make £1,000+ per month by renting them out.

And the best thing is that most of it is truly passive income! No need to sell your time - simply list your items, respond to potential renters and get paid.

Not only that, but you’ll also be helping reduce waste and carbon emissions by allowing others to use your things instead of having to buy them new.

Good for you, good for others and good for the planet. Take that, cost of living crisis!

How to use the calculator?

Go to the next page and simply enter the quantity of each item that you’d be happy to rent out. Our calculator will then show you an estimated amount you could make every month if you rented out each of those items.

You will also find links to the platforms included in the calculator, so you can learn more and decide if you want to start using them.

Disclaimer: None of the websites included in the calculator have paid to be included, nor do we receive any commission if you click on the links. They are all companies we felt were worth shouting about because of their ethos and the fact they help people earn passive income.

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